Life in the Middle

Insights on a few of my favorite things


DIY-ed and Organiz-ed

Managing organizational skills while attempting DIY projects just may not coincide in my life but they are two things I love.

Another blog about doors….

Only a year later, but updates have been made. Read more to see before and after reveals of my newly updated laundry room.



As I shared last Summer, I am new to blogging. Clearly this is painfully obvious by my lapse of posts since last Summer. Forgive me. So many things to share that I wouldn't know where to begin. I have tried... Continue Reading →

Garage-Sale Addict #LittleLoves

PSA:  I might as well start this blog off with my next big advancement in life. About two weeks ago, I had been browsing homes for sale online, and in person around town. After scrutinizing three homes, I figured I'd be residing at... Continue Reading →

Do-It-Yourself Craft (that you can actually do BY YOURSELF)

After years of having the DIY desire to create crafts and knick-knacks, I finally found something that I can actually DO BY MYSELF at a low budget. My cousin (BFF actually) bought me a small square pallet board, nails, and string... Continue Reading →

Organizing; Step by Step

An attempt at becoming organized. With helpful tips to follow on a daily basis.

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