Hopefully this blog title caught your eye, if not you suck because I thought it was pretty humorous considering the way my life is going right now. So where I left you last was what I was reading and how Summer was supposed to start off. Well here’s the new update.


Talking As Fast As I can- Finished Lauren Graham’s amazing book about her life in and out of Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, and Hollywood. This may be the quickest autobiography I have ever read. Also it was easily the most fun and interesting to read. Obviously that’s easy to say when you’re passionate about the author or content but I would fully recommend this book to anyone who loves Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, or obviously Lauren Graham. I received this book as a Christmas present but put off reading it until this last month. During that time I was suggested a comedic book by a co worker.

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened-. A female blogger wrote this book. I knew nothing about it with the exception of it is a memoir of this women’s life written almost as a comedy. I can’t update this too much because I still haven’t finished reading the book. —While on vacation I read the majority of the book, now I’m only chapters away and can’t seem to find time to pick it back up, so another update is to come.


As I just mentioned I recently went on vacation to Anna Marie Island, FL. It was so great, but now that I’m back home in Kansas I’m having beach withdrawals. However I am still keeping up on that Vitamin D. I mentioned in my last blog about becoming a tanning technician and working for the summer. Well this did in fact happen and I have been working at the tanning salon for about a month now. It’s been fun and the added benefits of getting extra UV time are well worth while. My Summer schedule is so chaotic  that making time to be outside is hard enough.

Between working at the tanning salon, keeping up with my ongoing Saturday shifts at the bank while picking up other days here and there, working on my home improvements, and fixing up my classroom- it’s hard to find time for anything fun and personal without staying up until the wee hours of the morning.


However, despite my ongoing busy schedule, I am loving all the distractions. For instance the ongoing home projects are really starting to come together and all the paint jobs are starting to really make my home more beautiful. I just have to keep reminding myself it will all pay off and be worthwhile in the end.

This is the current project I am involved in. Pray for me to keep my sanity throughout this long, exhausting process.


With Love,

Until next time, Els