Consciously, I have been reminding myself to blog because it’s been almost two months since my last post, but with nothing fresh on the brain, I’ve struggled to come up with anything worthwhile.

Alas, something has come to mind about life. After reading Thirty on Tap’s last blog about writing advice when even sometimes we don’t have the history to back up our own advice. For instance, I have written about staying motivated and working to achieve your best self, when in reality- I am trying to motivate myself, not you- as the reader.

After reading their blog and doing some self assessment of my own lifestyle now, I realized that maybe when I write I’m not motivating and convincing my readers, but more so trying to convince myself to do better. I am in the process of reading Talking As Fast As I Can- by Lauren Graham, more famously known as Lorelei Gilmore. I was so amped up to read this book when I got it as a gift for Christmas. Yet here I am in May just now opening this ingenious book.

After only two days of reading, I am halfway through and WOW. I always knew I loved Lorelei Gilmore and that character would never fail to impress. Lauren Graham is just the same. Her wonderful personality and insight into being famous just enlightens you as a reader. It is insightful to read about how normal she is and how in love she is with being normal.

I am finding time to relax and enjoy life for now because in one week, I will be a homeowner and things will start to feel more chaotic. But as for now I am finding each moment of my Summer to read, clean, do what I really want to do- rather than working and creating to do lists (even though lists are my specialty).

Between finding time to read Lauren’s Talking As Fast As I Can, cleaning, sun tanning, and organizing, I have managed to find another job at the local tanning salon where I can begin a new Summer job to earn extra cash more than my bank gig allows for. Hopefully this won’t make Summer too chaotic, but I’m looking forward to the new experience.

In a few days I will officially be a college graduate which has finally come and I am beyond thrilled to end one chapter and start the next.

As I finish this blog I know that nothing is too new and insightful but this is, to the best of  abilities what I could come up with after a few weeks of blogging drought.

Stay Tuned for before and after pictures of the new home and more ideas on which gray paint color will be best.

With Love,



P.S -Whoa I had this draft saved from almost two months ago. I didn’t want to permanently delete my writing, but I also have so many updates that it hardly seemed fair to post this and make it normal without giving you a side note that this really is my life up to date.

However with that in mind, I promise to take more time and write about the happenings of my life now that I am officially a home owner, college grad, tanning technician, and second grade teacher.  Keep those fingers crossed that I get another blog out updating the first part of Summer within the next week.