PSA:  I might as well start this blog off with my next big advancement in life. About two weeks ago, I had been browsing homes for sale online, and in person around town. After scrutinizing three homes, I figured I’d be residing at mom and dad’s place for my first year of teaching, which I was totally okay with. However, my realtor saw a place that was going on the market and wanted me to look at because of the reasonable price, great location, and minimal repairs. That same evening, I visited the house and instantly saw potential. Needless to say, I made an offer and the next day was starting the home buying process.

After three weeks of e-signing and a constant flow of emails and texts coming through each day, I am gaining excitement every hour. Everything has come together so quickly with this house that I try and remind myself to enjoy the moment and every other positive aspect in my life- like finishing student teaching, preparing for graduation, and building my second grade classroom. I am flourishing with so many positive emotions that I hardly let an hour go by without planning something for my future home, classroom, or the upcoming summer.

With that same thought in mind, I want to gravitate toward the actual point of this blog; Garage Sales.

Let me preface by letting you know, I love garage sales. Whether attending them, or putting on my own- I have loved these mediocre sales. For the last four years, I have had a standing date with the bank in town for the morning shift (8-12). This job has been great and offers many benefits (including time to work on my KPTP {which I finished Saturday!}). The only terrible thing is that I’ve been missing out on the early bird garage sales during the Spring and Summer months. I was lucky enough to have Good Friday off this past weekend so I was able to attend a garage sale in my neighborhood. I found some great stainless steel mixing bowls, large & small pots with lids, and shower curtain hooks. ALL FOR 9$. This small purchase had me so jazzed for my new home and the other garage sales around our little town.


After Friday nights purchase, I researched ongoing sales through Saturday afternoon. As soon as noon rolled around at the bank, I was out of there and pampering myself with another sale. I found a crockpot for ONE DOLLAR (have I mentioned how much I love garage sales yet?). I also found a cute decorative domed cake plate along with the bowls, pots, shower essentials, a crockpot, lamps, and a small table- all totaling up to 20$ and not a penny over. See why I was so jazzed?IMG_9211

I’ve already decided to start three DIY projects, one including the small cake plate I bought Friday night at a sale. I will be sure to post my DIY items when they are fully finished. For now I have been documenting my progress through pictures- which I will be sure to show in a later blog.

As for the other aspects of life I recently

Watched– Two weeks ago, the Hallmark Channel did their March Madness tournament bracket of Christmas movies. The winning movie was The Christmas Card. I had never seen that movie, so I made sure to set my TV for recording when the movie aired. After recorded, I started watching it, fell in love- like Hallmark movies generally make me do, and then was in the Christmas spirit, so I started watching another Christmas movie from Hallmark; Twelve Gifts of Christmas. Both are great movies and I’ve already marked in my planner the Fall kickoff of Hallmarks Christmas season.

Listened- Finally after months of Twenty-One Pilots, I switched my playlist to a more summer-like feel. The new band I will recommend is Circa Waves. This band offers a fun, upbeat style of music that reminds you of those summer days spent at the pool or beach.

I will most definitely be keeping you posted on my DIY projects, final days of student teaching, graduation, second grade classroom prep, and most importantly, My NEW HOME.

With Love,



p.s- After having this draft done for about 4 days, I actually was able to finish one DIY project. Here is my converted miniature dome cake plate. I painted the original wood white to go with anything. My plan is to use this plate as a decor piece with existing cake plates I have. I randomly dug through a spare closet with other holiday decor to just show my plans for this piece.