The past week seemed to drag on and then as soon as the weekend came, time quickly picked up. Sunday evenings tend to come around much faster than they should. Nevertheless I am mentally preparing myself for the final three weeks of student teaching. As I am finishing up the KPTP, everything is starting to fall into place.

With only a month until graduation, I am starting to plan ahead for what Summer will consist of and how much of my time will be consumed with building my classroom, renovating, and working.

On the bright side, life has been going very well and I wanted to share what I’ve been up to these last couple weeks.

Made- I had been working on a pallet board that has a dog saying on it. I just finished the first coat last weekend and hopefully can finish the board sometime soon. I have a great IMG_9126idea (pinterest, of course) for what to do with the board- but won’t reveal the finished project until it’s finally done and ready to hang. (It’s a surprise) I am loving how it is turning out,

↵this is what I have completed thus far.



Watched- I finally… after two weeks after it’s premier, watched Big Little Lies final episode. Now after finishing the season, I am completely invested in reading the book like I mentioned in Becoming a “Big Girl”  The end was perfect and I hate that now I have to find a new show to devote my time and energy in.

Bought- I had been hoping to get Birkenstocks for Christmas this past year, but Christmas morning came and went, and no birkens. So with the new job coming up and my forever longing desire to shop, I splurged and bought new birkenstocks. I also am forever acquiring clothes. I am fortunate enough to have a older sister who shares everything so I’ve been getting hand-me-downs as well as  buying new clothes- it seems like each week I am adding a new item to my closet.  After ordering a new shower curtain last night and spending way more than I should have, I decided with so many huge things happening in my life right now, I literally cannot spend any more money on things I don’t need. (Check back in a few weeks and see if I stick to my guns on this one.)

Listened- After I went to the twenty-one pilots concert back in early February, I have been listening to them ever since…. I KNOW, THATS THREE MONTHS. But truly they have great music that just hasn’t tired me out yet. I do switch up my playlist from Twenty-One pilots to AltNation and in between times, my Dad discovered a band he’s gaga over; Car Seat Headrest.  I would suggest them to almost anyone- they too are catchy  and upbeat to pass up.

Accomplished- Lastly, we worked in the yard on today’s nice breezy spring day.  Spring time in Kansas consists of days with extreme wind, moderate wind, and a slight breeze- FullSizeRender 2and that’s in between all the rain. Fortunately, we were able to get our pool started and ready for Summer and Mom was able to plant in our garden and around the house. Our two fur loves enjoyed the nice weather outside and have completely exhausted themselves.

Overall Spring has been treating me nicely.       ∼Stay tuned for my next blog, a MAJOR surprise is in store.

With Love,