After years of having the DIY desire to create crafts and knick-knacks, I finally found something that I can actually DO BY MYSELF at a low budget. My cousin (BFF actually) bought me a small square pallet board, nails, and string for my birthday in October. Her idea was to spend time together and make a string art picture. This was such a terrific idea that really jump started my DIY desire.

After searching Pinterest and creating boards upon boards of creative ideas, FullSizeRender 4.jpgI knew exactly what I would do. A snowflake. Easy enough, and perfect for the upcoming season. The best part about this craft is that everything you need you can find at Wal-Mart, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby. All you need is nails, string, a hammer, and a wooden board. I actually cheated and printed out my own stencil of the snowflake I wanted to use. After spending a day with my favorite person, I completed my snowflake. The finished product looked great.

I was so pleased the way the snowflake turned out, that I decided I wanted to make more nail art boards. Since my birthday was in October, I figured Fall nail art boards would be perfect for the season. I made three more boards in the span of two weeks. I have now acquired a rainbow assortment of string which will last me a lifetime. With that being said, I didn’t stop with Fall boards. I continued into the Christmas season.

After finishing the three Fall crafts, I printed off pages of Christmas staples such as a Gingerbread man, Holly, and a Candy Cane. FullSizeRender 2I quickly got started stringing away on my first
Christmas board. But with the chaos of the Christmas season, my ambitions got the best of me. I completed the Holly, had an amazing Christmas season with my family, and enjoyed the New Year. Then when the depressing time came around to take down the Christmas decorations, the boards where placed in a closet finished or not.

Now that it’s March and Spring Break is here, I was scrambling to find things to do around the house. While cleaning out a closet, I IMG_9023came across my DIY boards and found the unfinished candy cane. I figured this could be something to occupy my time over the week. I got the nails, hammer, and board out- that’s the first and only step I have taken. I printed off a picture of a candy cane, so it is very simply to nail along the outside of the picture. This makes the project very simple and something that you literally cannot screw up (which is ideal for me). When I finally finish this board, I will hot glue felt sheets along the back so that the nails that have poked through and are exposed won’t damage or scratch any walls.

This DIY project is actually very easy and a great way to add flare to any room in your house. Each board I bought was from Michaels for $3.99. The Christmas boards I added white paint over to really make the colors pop. To complete this whole project, I spend about $10 for all the materials. Once you start to gather more colors of string, it really becomes a cheap project. Cheap and easy enough that I have contemplated selling these on Etsy. Although I will really have to expedite my stringing skills.

With Love,