As I mentioned in my most recent blog, I received a job in my hometown. I am beyond thrilled for this next chapter in my life. With receiving a job, I have been thinking about my future. The first step for me is to officially sign a contract and find out what school and grade level I will be placed with. After signing a contract and furthering the next steps of becoming a teacher, I can start to think about life outside of school. Eventually, I’m going to move out of my parents house. I’m thrilled thinking about my own place, but am quickly reminded about finances and how living with mom and dad, I’m expense free. Yet, at some point I need to cut the ties and become an adult.

I’ve mentioned before about how close I am with my family. The idea of living with them for my first year as a teacher seems wonderful, but again at some point I want my own place. I have been checking and Zillow weekly to look at the options. It’s kind of like car shopping. If I see something really cute with potential, I’m hooked. Then reality hits- I’ve still got to sign a contract and patiently await my first paycheck. As of now, I have to remind myself I’m currently living off a paycheck for 8 hours every two weeks- so little to nothing. This is a huge reality check.

I have to put my future on hold while I finish up this school year.


On a more lighthearted note

A few weekends ago, I was home alone Saturday night- just me and the boys. I had a plan since Monday that I was going to finish homework, catch up on shows, and most importantly have little Finnley stay in my room for the night; not the kennel. Theo has taken occupancy on the couch for the past couple months. Finnley however still remains in the kennel at night. I wanted to change that and prove that Finnley could handle himself through the night. I’m happy to report Finnley did well the majority of the night. Around 5:45 he was up and moving around the room. I let the boys both outside. At that point Finnley was up and not willing to fall back asleep, so kennel it was. During my day, I started the new HBO show Big Little Lies. If you haven’t, go watch it – definitely rated R, so keep that in mind. My oldest sister came by and we watched the show together.

Now, I’m hooked on that and it totally sucks when you’re used to Netflix binging and have to go back to the old school style of waiting each week for the new show to premiere. I know it’s a book, so now I’m stuck with the dilemma of “Do I read the book because the series is so good? OR do I attempt to finish the Harry Potter series for the third time this Summer?” I love Harry Potter so much that each summer I have started the series over again, yet it’s always as the school year begins in August that I finish up the sixth book and need to start the seventh. School always wins, and I haven’t finished the seventh book for two Summers now. Will Summer 2017 be the year? (even though I want to read Big Little Lies)?


As you can see the boys weren’t assumed-

With Love,