Lately, I have been lacking the desire to write. Student teaching has been keeping me completely busy, that any spare moment I have I want to spend with my family and puppies. However, this weekend the family is gone and I made it a priority to take some time out of my day to update my feed. Over my lapse of writing, I was brainstorming various ideas about my next blog. Now is where I start.

Over the past two months of student teaching, I have valued my relationships with my fifth grade students. Each day I continue to learn about each of them, as they learn about me. It has been an utter joy to have this experience, it’s hard to believe there was a point in my life only a few years ago, that I had no idea what to do with my life, when now I’m 100% certain this is my path in life. Yet, this certainty has been leaving me tired and ready for a break. Through this student teaching journey, I have developed an even bigger passion for teaching, but again as I stated in my student slump blog the class isn’t really mine which doesn’t make this experience as surreal as I want it to be. As February ends, I am starting to count down days until I’m done student teaching (which is still two months away {April 28th}) not because I don’t enjoy my class, but because I’m beyond ready for my own classroom full of kiddos that know me as their new teacher.

As I feel this way each day, I try to find small things that really make me enjoy my day. What I have started to rely on each day coming home from school is the 4:00 pm showings on the Hallmark channel. I could sit on the couch for the remaining hours of my day watching Home Improvement and Last Man Standing. I’m sure almost everyone has seen both these shows and realize they really aren’t anything special. For me, I’ve been a Tim Allen fan for most of my life, so of course I love the shows. But more specifically, it’s what the shows represent. Obviously the humor is lighthearted that each show can make you laugh. My realization however is all about the timing. Two quality shows that begin as my school day ends. I find the time to relax and be carefree during these 3o minute shows, where my only care is fast forwarding through commercials. 615450495-keep-calm-and-count-down-the-days-1

I suppose I’m writing this to express my love for the quality show that puts a smile on my face no matter the day I had. I am fortunate enough to love my life the way it is, but during those times that I’m anxious to end a chapter and begin a new one; such as this student teaching placement, I have to find joy in each day to get me through.

On a lighter note, a HUGE load was taken off my plate in January that I haven’t blogged about yet. I was most fortunate to receive a teaching job in my hometown. During the last semester of my senior year, I realized my workload is more than anything I had experienced throughout college, I felt completely unprepared. Knowing I am enrolled in 14 credit hours which include student teaching, creating a teaching portfolio (50 pages), and a classroom assessment class I had no idea how to fit in applying for licenses and jobs. Luckily, God answered my prayer, and sent an amazing gift to me. Now, I’m working one week at a time until May to finish my undergrad and become a teacher.

-It’s the little things.

With Love,