Today marks the second day of ABC Family or the Freeform channel Harry Potter weekend. Even though I have seen each of the eight Harry Potter movies over two dozen times,  I always get giddy when I see it’s on tv. I wouldn’t categorize myself as a Potter head- but I do indulge in watching and reading the series. This past summer I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Universal Studios Harry Potter world. This was truly captivating and I became more obsessed after that visit. I refrained from buying any wand or other items, but I do LOVE everything Harry Potter related. (I started writing with the intent to share about Harry Potter but remembered a more near and dear topic, so stay tuned for a more “magical” blog. )

On a different note, along with the tv theme of the weekend, I wanted to share about my delayed Gilmore Girls Revival binge. After being a die hard Gilmore Girls fan for the majority of my life, I was prolonging the day that I finally finished this revival. When word got out, in the early parts of 2016 that Netflix was producing more episodes, I felt like my life was complete. I had been dying for this day since the series finale in 2007. Yet, when November 25th came around, I did not jump on Netflix 12:00am to binge the series.

Gilmore Girls                                                                                 My sisters and I have always had a love and passion for the show, so we planned on watching this revival together. Well as time passed (& not to mention my eldest sister does not live at home) our goal was slowing slipping away. Making time for four hour and a half long episodes seemed impossible with our ever busy schedules. Needless to say, my two sisters both finished the mini series before me. I watched the first (Winter) and was not impressed. After being such a fan for most of my life, I felt like I was being gypped from what Gilmore Girls really was about. The changes that Rory had undergone since season seven were completely different than who she left off as.
After venting to my sisters about my disappointment in the Winter episode, they told me it gets better. About a week later, I watched the Spring episode. This still left me disappointed. I was truly infuriated with what was happening and who Rory was becoming (or who she had already became). Again, I repeated the process of expressing my dismay with the series thus far and was told that it will get better.

About two months later (this past Saturday), I finally sat down to watch the Summer episode. Incase you’re ignorant to this new series… each episode is about one hour and 30-45 minutes. So, if you plan to indulge in this revival series, make sure to set aside two hours of your day. -Tangent, sorry. My family left for the night for their own plans. That left me with five hours of entertaining myself. Luckily I had my two adorable sidekicks, Theo & Finnley to keep me company. During this allotted time I decided to watch the Summer episode. Things still weren’t the same, but I could tell this four episode revival was starting to go somewhere and that there truly was a point to all of this. By the time Summer ended, I figured why not finish the whole series tonight. So…. by midnight, I finished the Gilmore Girls revival series.

My sisters were right, Fall was the best. I still was left with a feeling of doubt. I knew this had a purpose and meant so much to all those followers out there, but I wasn’t sold on this. Everything changed about who Rory and Lorelei were from 2007 until now. It fulfilled it’s purpose to give the fans something to fawn over, but I was left with the thought that maybe they should have left it as it was in 2007. It was fun to see where the girls had gotten off to in their world as the Gilmore Girls, but many parts of the four episodes seemed too crazy for the normal 2001-2007 Gilmore Girls.

Okay, wow…. thanks for sticking with me through this rant. I could have gone in to much more detail about my feelings on each aspect of the four seasons, but without giving spoilers away to those who haven’t yet watched, I figured I would save you. My whole message I suppose I’m attempting to sell you on is that the Gilmore Girls holds a very special place in my heart and will be a timeless show for the extent of my life. I hope others have been affected by this heartfelt show. If you haven’t, please do us both a favor and watch one episode. I promise the girls won’t disappoint.


          -On a sidenote, I’d like to acknowledge those who have read my blogs and can follow my words. I tend to go on tangents and realize that other’s aren’t thinking or interpreting my experiences like I am. I know I probably sound crazy, but I truly appreciate your time in reading my blogs.

{Little Finnley kept me company throughout my long night. While I kept my eyes open, he lay snoring in his little bed. Cuteness overload.}


With Love,