Next topic I wanted to share my passion and excitement about is my student teaching experience. Over the fall I was placed with an amazing second grade class. During my eight week placement, I fell in love with the school and students. The experience made me even more excited for my own classroom. After my eight week placement, I had a small break before beginning my second student teaching placement at the start of January.dscn4295

From the beginning of January until today, I have enjoyed my time with the fifth grade class I’m placed with. However, I’m not fully engaged this semester. With graduation and job hunting in my very near future, it has been extremely hard to focus on the “right now”. On a daily basis, I am dreaming of my future classroom teaching job and all I want to  include in my classroom. I absolutely love students and being in the classroom, but when the class isn’t “mine” per say, it can be hard to “enjoy the moment” when I’m thinking about what I would be doing if this were my classroom.

As the weeks have progressed in fifth grade, I have been easing into teaching more and more each day. I am finding out that I love these kiddos just the same. Lately, my cooperating teacher has been leaving the classroom throughout the day to let me do my own thing with the students. Obviously, like most anybody will agree that it is easier to be yourself when you don’t have someone watching. It has definitely been getting better each day that I am working with the students. But after all these positive feelings overwhelm me, I’m still feeling antsy about wanting my own space.

I don’t think I can recommend anything for those is the same boat. At this point, I’m still trying to find something to motivate myself each day that I start anew. I have always tried to live day by day, but I find myself often wondering “Is this week ever going to end?” or the famous… “It’s only Tuesday????”. When those thoughts are continuously spiraling in my mind, I try to remind myself this is for a short time. The small challenges help you recognize the incredible things you’ve worked hard for.

During all this time student teaching, I’d like to say that’s the only ‘school’ related thing I’m working on, but I still am a student at KU-and being a student comes with the final lap of college. With teaching, that final lap is the KPTP (Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio). This little assignment entails eight lesson plans, four pages of descriptions and technicalities, and more that I haven’t even ventured to yet. Feel my pain yet? diploma-pic-aoc

This is where I really shouldn’t be complaining when there is much worse out there, but right now finding the light at the end of the tunnel is easier said than done. February 2nd  – only three months left…. I should be celebrating.  But…. You’ll have to get back with me come April and ask if I’ve seen that tunnel light yet, because as of now…. I’m not catching any glimpse.