MjAxMi1mNjNiM2NkNTljMjYyMWQy.pngAfter the new year and knowing my typical New Year’s resolution every year (lose weight), this year I decided to start small and set daily goals. I had really been slacking with my fitbit step goals during the weeks leading up to Christmas. Then after Christmas I was busy finishing off leftover ham and Christmas cookies. As much as I was eating, the food seemed to never end. I should have tried then to make healthier habits, but Christmas food got the best of me.

I workout consistently throughout the year, so setting a New Year’s goal of working out more isn’t a “new habit” for the year. I decided to use what I already have to motivate myself. Hence the fitbit. I have my stepping goals for each day set to the default 10,000 steps a day. As I first used my fitbit, 10,000 was no problem. Then, just like any other new task, you start to slide and eventually lose your momentum. I continued working out but my step goals became irrelevant for each day I knew I wasn’t close.

As the new year has begun, I told myself to work to achieve my 10,000 steps a day. With the starting of school again, I’ve already starting slipping behind on this goal. Although I do try to make walking a priority, I am still falling short. From school day of 7:45 to 3:30, I leave school with an average of 3500 steps. Already by 4:00pm, I’m discouraged.

Complaining isn’t the answer.

Making exercise a priority in my daily routine isn’t as easy as I thought. I’ve always grown up hating running and let’s face it, working out in general. I admire the people who enjoy running, but that’s just not in my cards. Although I know it can be a rejuvenating feeling for those that can make it through the first 10 minutes. However, running outside for 10  minutes is a grueling task for me to complete. I tend to use the elliptical to fulfill my cardio portion of the day. I found that this machine is my best friend with cardio. A year ago, I realized how Netflix can be more than a hobby, it can be a motivator. I combined my obsession of Netflix with working out to make exercise seem more enjoyable.  While using the elliptical, Netflix shows keep me going and not solely focusing on the time elapsed. Now, here’s the part that gets me in trouble. When I choose to watch a 30 minute episode, I think “Well that’s over, so am I done? …. Let’s go with yes.”

After switching my gym routine multiple times within the last year, I am still establishing a plan for the gym after my 30 minute run. Pinterest became my savior with creating a plan. If I know what to do, I will stay. It’s more troubling to think, what should I do next while I’m still at the gym? I found that when I have a plan for abs or arms, I can stick with it better than just off the cuff.

After all my ranting, my point is, discover what works, and go with it. If what motivates you each day is 5000 steps a day, then good for you. Meet your goal, and after a regular routine of working out- up the ante. Set your goals at a higher level. Not too high, but just enough modifications to enhance your workout. Keep going and going. You’ll be better for it when finished.
Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 7.04.22 PM.png-To connect with an earlier blog about organization, I created my own exercise/healthy habit tracker that includes workout checklist, daily H2O intake checklist, and a weekly weight log. Something simple, but for people who enjoy making lists, maybe this can help you with your exercise goals. Download Health weekly log for free here.

Hopefully this finds those who can relate to the new year’s slump and the idea of starting new with a workout plan. Even if it’s the little steps towards healthier habits. Remember it’s the little successes that can benefit you most.

With Love,