Getting organized is always easier said than done. I would like to consider myself organized, however-to others that isn’t always the reality. I’m the type that may have everything organized where I know where everything is, yet others may not find my system as simple. 

Anyways, I wanted to share what I have read or seen online and how pinterest has helped me organize my life. 

First and Foremost, I am a list maker. I enjoy making a to do list and scratching my accomplishments off that list. With that being said, I tend to jot down small items that I need to get done on my list rather than bigger items like cleaning the fridge.  A pinterest  quote I saw to motivate those who lack the organizational skills said “If you see something that could be done in two minutes, stop what you are doing and DO IT!”This has helped me utilize my time better already. I start my day by making a list of everything I see around my room that needs to be cleaned or organized. Each day, I try to reach at least three of these goals. Simple as that sounds, I am always running around before bed trying to finish up the smaller items that needed to be put away before my next day.

So here’s my (hopefully) helpful list of tips for organization and cleaning:

Every time you get something out, put it away as soon as your finished. I have so many unfinished projects that linger with me throughout the months that I just need to pitch or find a place for. Completing it would also be great though, but I’m a “one step at a time” kinda gal. 

Keep up to date in your Planner. And if you don’t have a planner- WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? But seriously, my planner is my life. I love planning, and organizing with lists and like I already said, being able to scratch something  of my list makes me happier than it really should, but it’s the little things, right?

Create a schedule for cleaning routines. Again, this comes back to my planner, but for others, phones work just as well. I try to stay organized with my cleaning rituals just like my daily rituals and to do lists. I use this for simple reminders like

*change my toothbrush headf302a3a4ecda111eb759021b864399b6
*wash sheets                                                                                                                                        *Flip mattress… etc  -you get the point. A simple reminder in my planner helps me keep track of time. I never remember when the last time I switched my toothbrush head out, and after a lot of “I think it’s about that time” I decided to just start writing it down to avoid any confusion.

Find the focal point of junk and clean it right away. Some of you may already be way ahead of me on this one but I have a catch all desk in my room. The hardest part about cleaning this desk is that I use it on the daily basis. When I do decide to clean and organize my desk, minutes later (literally) I find myself setting something back on the desk. This is such a problem for me that I’ve accepted it’s inevitable to not have clutter on the desk. Long story short, I’ve learned to stay on top of it. My goal everyday is to clear at least one thing off the top because by the end of the day, something new will be placed there. If I can at least clean one thing off the desk, I’m already getting a head start for the next day.

By now, after writing these tips, I’m imagining my room now and feeling guilty for not working on that instead, but hopefully this will find someone who was needing the motivation. 

With Love,