After a few years of contemplating a blog, I decided to take a step into the blogging world and experiment. Then, the hard part of making decisions quickly made me second guess this decision. However, I am here and hoping to spark an interest into my life. I am from Kansas and expecting to graduate from the University of Kansas in May. Upon graduating I hope to become an elementary teacher. With that being said, I hope to share my student teaching and future teaching experiences through this blog.

Next up, I have many thoughts that cannot be “categorized” so you’ll simply have to stick around to see what I decide will be my niche. IMG_8373.JPG

Until that point is reached, let me talk about the love of my life, Finnley. This four legged boy came into my life in June and ever since then, I’ve become obsessed with him

A mIMG_7980.JPGonth prior to the adoption of Finnley, we adopted Theo. I convinced my parents that we needed another that I could take with me when I move out. So as you can see, we now have two adorable puppies who have changed our world for the best.

I know I will be including puppy posts and pictures as well on this page, so this blog may just be my catch all. Hopefully you will enjoy checking in on my life and happenings day by day.

For today’s blog, I know I’m all about puppies, but hopefully there will start to be more diversity within posts and you can see the other sides of my life. For now, I want to thank you for your time while reading this blog.

With love,