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Insights on a few of my favorite things

Talking {or Typing} As Fast As I Can

Consciously, I have been reminding myself to blog because it's been almost two months since my last post, but with nothing fresh on the brain, I've struggled to come up with anything worthwhile. Alas, something has come to mind about life.... Continue Reading →

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Gilmore Girls- It’s a Lifestyle (No Spoilers)

For the majority of my life I have been blessed to be a part of an audience on such an amazing and heartfelt show. Here is my insight on All things Gilmore Girls.

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Another blog about doors….

Only a year later, but updates have been made. Read more to see before and after reveals of my newly updated laundry room.


As I shared last Summer, I am new to blogging. Clearly this is painfully obvious by my lapse of posts since last Summer. Forgive me. So many things to share that I wouldn't know where to begin. I have tried... Continue Reading →

Lions and Tigers and My Life-OH MY

Hopefully this blog title caught your eye, if not you suck because I thought it was pretty humorous considering the way my life is going right now. So where I left you last was what I was reading and how... Continue Reading →

Garage-Sale Addict #LittleLoves

PSA:  I might as well start this blog off with my next big advancement in life. About two weeks ago, I had been browsing homes for sale online, and in person around town. After scrutinizing three homes, I figured I'd be residing at... Continue Reading →

April Showers

Exciting things are happening during this point of my life. Now that Spring has arrived, work and adventures are on the horizon.

Protein Power {me} Up Bars

During my Spring Break, weeks and weeks ago, I was driven to better my eating and working out decisions. To prepare for the week ahead, I made sure to have salad ingredients, smoothies, and healthy snacks on hand. Each day... Continue Reading →

Job Reveal

After months of waiting... Big News! I'm an official teacher starting in August.

Do-It-Yourself Craft (that you can actually do BY YOURSELF)

After years of having the DIY desire to create crafts and knick-knacks, I finally found something that I can actually DO BY MYSELF at a low budget. My cousin (BFF actually) bought me a small square pallet board, nails, and string... Continue Reading →

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